Toujours trend 8.31 light golden ash blonde Permanent dye 100ml +100ml 20vol developer

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Toujours trend 8.31 light golden ash blonde Permanent dye 100ml +100ml 20vol developer
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TOUJOURS 100g CREAM COLOR with conditioning agents protecting the hair, leaving it strong and bright.Comes in a fantastic shade selection. Professional Hair Colour with no compromise on quality.
100% Grey Coverage. MADE IN ITALY! 

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R89 courier to door:2-3 working days to major cities, 4-10 working days to regional cities

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Return within 10 days in origonal packaging. Non returnable: full wigs, liquids, out of packaging.

Toujours trend professional tint 100ml + 100ml 20vol developer

Full coverage professional dye

Works on all colors with full grey hair coverage

Lifts 1-2 levels with 20vol

Mixing: 1:1 for base breaking and resistant hair, 1:1.5 for light shades lifting

Naturally dark hair or resistant hair- please bleach first/extend processing time

Processing time is 30-40mins, can be processed up to 90 mins for maximum coverage

Chromaplex  treatment can be added for damaged hair

Professional use


When applying directly after bleaching, perm or any other chemical processing, be sure to shampoo the hair 100% clean before application. Otherwise the residue will "burn" off the new colour.

Brazilian straightening treatment will remove most of the semi-permanent hair colours.

Do not apply high heat to colored hair. Heat will burn some color off.

Brazilian treatment will effect color deposit

Hair dye does not remove or lighten previous ( dark colored) dyes

***Glamorhair supply genuine quality guaranteed hair dye, but we do not guarantee any home/color work results. For guaranteed result, please visit an experienced stylist**


Data sheet

Hair dye type
Permanent oxidizing hair dye. Will lighten the natural hair
Grey coverage
Full grey coverage at maxinum develop time
Return policy
Professional tint: Cannot be returned or exchange. All professional products are quality guaranteed but result is depending on hair condition. We do not guarantee application results. Courier may damage the packaging during transit.

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