ESLABONDEXX salon kit 500ml, step 1 and 2

ESLABONDEXX salon kit 500ml, step 1 and 2
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ESLABONDEXX color, bleach and perm additive-Strengthens the hair bonds to prevent damage and breakage from every chemical treatment. Mix it with color or bleach, or use it with perms, straighteners, or color corrector without modifications to your formulation or processing times. 

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R89 courier to door:2-3 working days to major cities, 4-10 working days to regional cities

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Return within 10 days in origonal packaging. Non returnable: full wigs, liquids, out of packaging.


1)    Mix your hair dye and developer as per typical requirements

2)    Add ELSABONDEXX Step 1 to the mixture immediately after mixing the hair dye or bleach. The amount added should be proportional to the amount of dye mixture used and the damage on the hair.


a)    Normal hair, with 20 vol or below developer: Add 10% step 1 for your dye mixture. So if you are using 50ml of dye, add 5ml of step 1. If you are using 100ml of dye mixture add 10ml of step 1

b)    Damaged hair, high lifting or already bleached hair, 30-40 vol – Use 15% step 1 per dye mixture. So for 50 ml mixture add 7.5 ml step1 and for 100ml dye mix use 15 ml step 1

c)    Extra white bleaching or very damaged hair: Use 20% step 1 per mixture

3)    Process dye/bleach as usual

4)    Rinse, shampoo is required, towel dry or twist dry

5)    Apply 10-20ml step 2, leave it on for a minimum of 5 minutes.

6)    (OPTIONAL) Heat can be applied over 15-20mins

7)    Rinse and add normal conditioner/treatment as usual and style

8)    (OPTIONAL) Step 3 can be used once or twice a week to maintain the Eslabondexx. Apply after shampoo and towel dry. Step 3 sold separately. 


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