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1000ml Colortone 106 Ash(blue) shampoo for light brown hair (Semi permanent)


Colortone Ash shampoo for light brown/red/ginger bleached hair. #106 is blue toned for neutralizing orange, brassy yellow tones. Semi permanent, non oxidizing. 


Local store, local stock, local bank EFT or cash deposit


Delivery: R89--2-3 working days to main town, 4-10 working days to remote town. EXCL oversize parcel


Return policy : Unused in original packaging within 10 days. EXCL liquid, wigs, see terms.

Colortone ash shampoo 106

Can be used on highlighted or dyed hair as well as hair extensions 

Evenly tones without chemical processing

Works on extensions color 8,12,27 (brassy tones)

Blue based ash toner for medium to light brown hair, neutralising orange, brassy yellow tones.
Not to be used on pale yellow, light/platinum hair ( use 109 rather for lighter shades).
Careful judgement on the tone of the hair must be applied, example: IE blue + orange=ash tone, BUT blue+yellow =green tone
Therefore a test strand must be done

Can be used directly after bleaching

Lasts approximately 5-10 washes

Does not damage the hair

On natural scalp hair: wet hair and apply like normal shampoo, apply on the most orange part of the hair first. Avoid pale yellow, over processed parts
Rinse and apply conditioner as usual.

Ideal for hair extensions 

Always do a test strand for each hair extension piece, type, batch ETC. Depending on the porosity of the hair, color will vary. 

How to use on hair extensions:

  1. Fill sink with luke warm water
  2. Add 50ml of ash shampoo to the water and swish the hair through the mixture. Make sure all the hair is covered evenly.
  3. Can be left in from 2-10 mins, moving the hair constantly.
  4. Check color then rinse.
  5. Apply treatment conditioner.

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