250ml Sulfate free E tension care shampoo

250ml Sulfate free E tension care shampoo
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Rich, foamy and delicate shampoo designed for human hair extensions. infused with argan oil and collagen.
Cleanse without drying the hair. sulfate free, Salt free. Ideal for all wigs, clip ins, fitted extensions such as keratin bonds, I tips, weaves etc.

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Return within 10 days in origonal packaging. Non returnable: full wigs, liquids, out of packaging.

250ml sulfate free hair extension shampoo are designed to be used on all human hair products, such as wigs, ponytails, hair extensions, tape in's clip in's etc

Specially Made with organic Agran oil, macadamia extract, kalp extract for optimal moisture 

Washing your hair piece:

Detangle your hair piece completely before washing. Do not wet a tangled piece as this will cause matting

fill the sink with 2-3L warm water

add a dash of shampoo, mix and submerge your hair piece. with wigs turn the wig inside out 

Apply a little extra shampoo onto the wig cap or the section which touches the scalp

allow 5-10 mins soaking

Remove and rinse, towel dry and apply leave in conditioner and oil

Washing extensions that are attached to the scalp:

detangle hair before wetting

wet hair and apply shampoo to the scalp area first, gently work through the scalp for 2-5 mins

Avoid pulling the bonds/stiching. For braided hair Apply a little extra shampoo on the braids 

let the shampoo rinse down to the length then rinse thoroughly

Remove excess moisture and apply mask for 5-10 mins, then rinse and apply leave in conditioner/ oil to towel dried hair 

In dry weather, a co wash can be done every second wash. Please see our co wash ranges.


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