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Pravana chromasilk vivids Wild orchid - semi/demi permanent hair dye


Pravana chromasilk vivid semi/demi permanent hair dye ( non processing stain dye), works on pre bleached blonde hair ( 90ml)


Local store, local stock, local bank EFT or cash deposit


Delivery: R89--2-3 working days to main town, 4-10 working days to remote town. EXCL oversize parcel


Return policy : Unused in original packaging within 10 days. EXCL liquid, wigs, see terms.



Application over pre bleached, lightest blonde hair. This tint will not work on dark to medium coloured hair or natural uncolored hair.

Apply to clean, dry hair, without conditioner or residues. leave it on your hair for 20-40 mins under shower cap. For longer lasting effect, apply heat. Rinse and style

Vivid colours can be mixed together to create more shades. Add black to darken

Wash with glamorhair color care shampoo or co wash for vibrant color effect.

Apply a color mask once a week to maintain color intensity.

Fading related

All semi permanent/ bright colored permanent tint will fade. the speed which it fades is depending on the shampoo, water hardness and sunshine.

Swimming: All semi-permanent tint will fade in swimming pool water or sea water due to the PH change. Apply hair conditioner and wrap your hair in a cap before swimming

Removal: Use bleach bath kit or anti dandruff shampoo


When applying directly after bleaching, perm or any other chemical processing, be sure to shampoo the hair 100% clean before application. Otherwise the residue will "burn" off the new colour.

Brazilian straightening treatment will remove most of the semi-permanent hair colours.

Do not apply high heat to colored hair. ( straightener etc) Heat will burn some color off. Use a heat protector.

Brazilian treatment will effect color deposit

***Glamorhair supply genuine quality guaranteed hair dye, but we do not guarantee any home/color work results. For guaranteed result, please visit an experienced stylist***

Data sheet

Hair dye type
Cuticle stain, non oxidizing, Can be applied on extremely damaged hair, darkening only
Grey coverage
Does not cover grey
Return policy
Professional tint: Cannot be returned or exchange. All professional products are quality guaranteed but result is depending on hair condition. We do not guarantee application results. Courier may damage the packaging during transit.

Additional documents

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