Make up shading stencil

Make up shading stencil
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Make up stencil for perfectly formed eyebrows, shadow and lip

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R89 courier to door:2-3 working days to major cities, 4-10 working days to regional cities

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Return within 10 days in origonal packaging. Non returnable: full wigs, liquids, out of packaging.

  • Comes complete with three different easy to use eyebrow stencils
  • The soft plastic material is comfortable when pressed against skin and will not smear existing makeup
  • Choose the eyebrow style that suits you most or matches the occasion best
  • A great way to achieve two perfectly matching eyebrows!
        How to use:-
  • 1. Neatly organize eyebrow hair with eyebrow brush
  • 2. Choose [Drawing Guide] to use according to desired style
  • 3. Align dotted line with natural start and end points of eyebrows and press onto face by placing thumb and index finger onto [Drawing Guide]´s heart shapes
  • 4. Re-align [Drawing Guide] to eyebrow ends and fill in remaining eyebrow
  • 5. Repeat Steps

Can be used with latex glue or clear glue

  • Materials: EVA
  • Size: 8.5cm x 3cm
  • Content: Three Stencils

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