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1 Always fit enough hair that matches to your natural thickness

** Especially for the sylist who buy and sell to someone else** Make sure you quote your clients properly.  Every client's requirements are different, some needs 40 strand of hair and others needs 300 strands
If you dont fit enough hair, the style is going to be mullet like

Guidelines on the thickness required:

Thin hair can get away with 70g adding volume and 120g adding length.
Medium hair needs 100g adding volume (like a one piece) or 160g going longer.
Thick hair, blunt cut or slightly shorter than shoulder length hair needs 160-220g of hair.

When adding length, you would need a little more thickness as your natural hair.
Longer you go, more hair you will need.

2 Always cut layers and curl style the hair to blend

Blunt cut, bob cuts cannot blend well with all types extensions, as the blunt cut will show
3ways to deal with this problem:

-layer cut the ends of your natural hair.
-heavy curl + adding extra hair extensions to blend with it.
-tie the shot bits into a small ponytail at the back, tuck them under the extensions

3 Match color to the ends of the natrual hair and not the top

The extensions must blend towards the ends and not the top color
Your roots are darker than the ends normally, don’t match to the shades of the root.
Another tip for professionals: Unless the client’s hair is black, there are always variations in the shades, so the best bet is to custom blend strands with mix shades in order to blend seamlessly.

4 DIY won’t look nice on very short hair

Pixie cuts don’t blend well with any hair extensions, the simple movement will show the bonds, clips etc. Rather go see an experienced stylist or buy a half wig

5  Always match to the texture of your hair and type

For those with silky straight or wavy hair, you are in luck, as most human hair extensions collected are some sort of Asian hair, which are naturally straight, wavy with the texture to match
Those with deep curls, yaki textures will have to setting with permed hair in order to match. But do not buy a silky straight set while your natural hair is nothing like it. This will not blend at all.

Use multiple pieces set for adding length, this will blend all over. Use one pc or 3pc for long hair adding volume, which will give you a much faster fitting.