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How to choose the thickness of the hair extensions ( clip in hair)

Please note this is a guide only without consultation, every person wants different style and look.
this article is about the minimum you need to do a decent blend.

Hair extensions comes in 25g, 60g, 100-120g, 160g and 220g.

25g volumizer is for adding volume ( 2-3 pieces) or adding to a current set, or just add highlights.

Short hair, blunt cut, Chinese bob, shaved sides etc: 

It is hard to blend perfectly with short hair. Our genuine advice is to grow a little longer before buying extensions. 

You could do a 160g on 30-40cm, or 220g on 45-60cm. Blending is entirely up to the hair cut.
You would also expect to style the hair extensions to blend properly.

Natural silky straight or wavy hair types

To extend shoulder length hair:

Before extensions, the hair should be layered slightly to get a seamless blend

70g for adding volume and adding no longer than 5cm in length for fine, thin hair
120g for adding volume and length, for medium thickness
160g for medium to thick hair
220g for thick hair

TO extend medium to long length hair:

70g for adding volume little length ( choosing the same extensions length hair as your own)
One piece to add volume, this piece 80-100g depending on the extension length, and only covers  the back
3pc is 120g and will blend and cover the sides and black, for thin to medium hair
160g will be quite thick adding onto your current hair. ( 55,60,70,80cm length: longer you go, the thinner it will be, please keep in mind)
220g is for very thick hair and blunt cut hair which if you don’t want to layer it. This will create an extra thick look. Ideal for 60,65,70,80cm lengths.

Natural /curly/coily ethnic hair types

Coily hair can be straightened and not shorter than shoulder length to work with clip in extensions.
Minimum of 160g is needed for short hair and 220g + for longer lengths. 
The same textured extensions must be used to blend and most importantly, do not expect a full head on a 60g, the texture will not work at all.
A half wig can cover and work well, by ordering the right textured hair.