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If you are looking to change the color of your human hair extensions, here are some tips to help you getting it done.

PS synthetic hair cannot be dyed with human hair dye. Synthetic hair is nylon which is plastic.

All human hair extensions can be dyed safely and effectively, providing that several important guidelines are followed, and the correct products are used. We do color work on our extensions from R180 per color, with guarantee. However we cannot guarantee results done elsewhere. 

The quality and current color of the extensions will determent how long the hair will last after chemical treatments. Generally speaking dark colored hair will last longer than blondes. Just like your own hair, all chemical treatments will alter (damage ) the condition of the hair extensions and you would expect a shorter lifespan, this include some color rinse as well as PH changing silvering shampoo. Always contact us first for recommended products.

Our Indian Virgin range human hair extensions are the highest quality hair that can be dyed darker at home easily, and #1b,#2,#4 can be lightened as well. we don’t recommend lightening the extensions at home, often result can be patchy.  

Dark shades of virgin hair are very strong and able to take bleach and color. Light colored hair should be proceed with caution, as the hair has already been pre colored and lightened to it's current color. Further chemical processing can damage the hair.

Your desired color should be within 3 levels of the current color, going darker or changing the shade
For funky shades like blue, pink, red, apply over light blonde hair with crazy color or similar semi-permanent hair color. These dye will not change the texture or condition of the hair.

Remember, hair dye does NOT remove other hair dye colors. Applying a level 9 box dye on a #1 jet black hair extensions, will not lighten at all.


Toning blonde hair is best done with Colortone silvering shampoo along with olaplex or chromaplex treatment. Any other PH changing shampoo, or oxidation toner can permanently damage your blonde extensions. It’s the most common complaint we hear. Someone’s home toner job ( or even professional toner job) had completely broke all of the blonde extensions.

The supplies
Hair dye each 100g of hair requires minimum of 100ml pre mixed product
Developer that comes with the box dye can be diluted with water just before mixing. Low volume developer will take longer for the color to process, but this is the safer way to process color.
Tint brush 
Plastic bowl
Foil/ cling wrap
large plastic tray
Old towel
treatments and styling products 

The dye

To simply go darker, choose a professional demi /semi-permanent, ammonia free tint with a 2 vol developer. Low volume developer will ensure the cuticle is not damaged during the coloring process.

If your extensions are light coloured already, or the Brazilian remy range, we highly recommend olaplex, silverplex or chromaplex to be added.

If you want to use a box color on the extensions, choose loreal casting crème gloss, nice & easy ammonia free range, or any other color that is semi-permanent.  They will deposit the color just as well as permanent coloring without damaging the hair.

Permanent Box dye permanent colors are too harsh for extensions. They contains 30-40vol developer which will make the hair dry with breakages just a few washes later

Choosing the color

Remember all box colors will come out darker than the box shade, so choose slightly light color than the desired shade.
Be aware that the extensions hair and natural hair will process color differently. 

Application and processing

Always do a strand test to confirm color before doing the whole thing. The wrong color process can ruin your entire pack, is it worth it?

Shampoo your extensions if they haven’t been washed in a while, removing all build up
Towel dry for oxidising dye (anything to be mixed with 2 tubes) and blow dry to 100% for funky shade such as crazy colors

Lay your extensions out separately on the tray that’s lined with tinfoil mix your color and apply with a tint brush, with gloves on! Start at the top of the weft working down, going with the direction of the cuticles.

Once the color is applied, flip the hair piece and apply the other side. Make sure the hair is covered completely.

Avoid the clip or wefted stitching. The hair dye can disintegrate the weft which will cause shredding. Be sure to rinse the wefted section properly and let it dry as soon as the coloring is done.

Cover the hair with clint wrap and allow it to process.

You can check the color every 10 mins or so, by selecting a small strand and wipe it with tissue.

Once the color is processed, rinse the hair thoroughly in lukewarm water. Towel dry and examine the color, as second application can be done at this stage.

Towel dry and apply treatment. If you are using olaplex, rinse, towel dry and apply step 2. Avoid the clips and the wefted stitching.

It is ideal to heat the olaplex/ chromaplex/bondiplexx treatment to 40c under a dryer or heating tray for 20mins, then rinse, towel dry and apply leave in conditioner.

Rehydrating the hair

Considering that hair extensions do not have natural oils running through them like your own hair to rehydrate them, they can become brittle, tangling after chemical services. Use a co wash method to treat the hair and soften them. Remember, unless the hair is completely virgin before coloring, the lifespan will shorten with chemical treatments. Virgin hair is dark brown in color, Blonde/dyed hair are not virgin anymore and best to send it to us for coloring, avoiding the total ruin of your extensions.

Coloring while the extensions are fitted

Coloring root while the extensions are on your head, is a very bad idea. Firstly the bonds will be damaged as hair color is designed to penetrate. Which means the bonds are not going last.

Secondly, once your extensions are removed, you will find patches of hair under the bond which have not been colored. This is harder to fix than to avoid. Just remove the extensions, color your roots and book the fitting for another day. Most fitted extensions cannot hold onto hair dye very well either, which can cause shredding and fall out sooner than expected.

Chemical disclaimer

Please note all chemical jobs done at home or elsewhere at your own risk, we offer coloring services to our extensions with guarantee but cannot guarantee jobs done elsewhere. We can help you treat your extensions but we are not responsible for the condition or lasting factors after such jobs are done. If you are stuggling with color matching, please contact us and we can help!