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Tape in hair extensions information and after care

Damage free hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions are designed to stick like a sandwich of 4cm or 2 cm piece onto your natural hair. The bonding process doest damage your natural hair, provided the fitting/removals are done correctly.

The tape is made with medical grade adhesive which bonds and seal with each other. This provide a water proof seal which holds for 3-8 weeks.
First time wearers can expect less bonding time than experienced wearers.

 All hair are made with 100% remy/virgin Indian remy human hair

Black colors can be re-used up to 4 fittings, depending on care and condition
Blonde/light colors can be re-used 1-2 times, depending products used*** Very important!

Tape in extensions are much more expensive comparing to clip ins. For a proper full head application, expect 4- 8 packets of hair ( R3000-R7000) depending on the length and thickness. It will be VERY expensive if you have short hair and wants to go super long.

Choosing color, length and thickness

The color of the extensions must match to the ends of the natural hair.

Length: generally, tape in extensions can extend shoulder length long hair, going 20-30cm longer.
Longer you go, more hair you would need

Tape in’s are ideal for thin to medium hair, in straight texture. Thick hair will need many more packets which will cost more and become very thick.

The hair should not be shorter than shoulder length, this will not be optimal blending
The natural hair also should not have any severe hair loss issues, balding hair lines. Adding any permanent type of extensions will cause more damage

The natural hair must be thick enough to cover the bonds, for any clients that the hair already doesn’t cover the scalp, proceed with caution.

The extension thickness must always match or add more than the current thickness. Often clients wants to buy 2 packets to extend thick, short hair, this will not work.

Average fitting requirements:

Thin hair: 3-4 packs to add length, 2 packs to add volume only.
Medium hair: 4-6 packs to add length, 3 packs to add volume only.
Thick and short hair  going very long: 6-8 packs and more.
Ethnic hair: 12 packs + which we had fitted before, but this is not ideal method for ethnic hair that is not straightened


The natural hair must be well layered, washed with clarify shampoo, remove all build up and grease.
Conditioner can be applied to the ends of the hair but not at the top
Dry the hair to 100% dry before fitting extensions
All chemical jobs should be done a few days before fitting extensions, the tape cannot bond to chemical residues, and this is the most frequent cause of tape in coming out sooner than 3- 8 weeks
Select a small section of the hair, 1cm away from scalp, 2.5cm away from all parting, hair line
Check the hair growth direction, which should be down wards

Select the hair by thin weaving, like when you are doing fine highlights. Too much hair would not create a seal and will cause the hair to come out earlier

Apply the bottom piece, then match the top piece exactly over the hair
Avoid touching the adhesive 
Check if the piece is lined up correctly, and enough space to move up and down.
Then use an iron heated to 100c and softly tap the tapes, generating a seal between the bonds
Repeat this process

A trim can be done to blend the hair to the current style


Only wash with extension care shampoo available on our website. Other shampoo can make your extensions (especially blondes) totally ruined. Even professional ranges. They may not have the correct  PH and formulation for extensions.

We have clients ( with oily hair ) who washes these everyday, the recommend washing interval is 2-3 days. Often washing will take longer and trickier.

Best is to dilute the shampoo with water and deliver it with a nozzle bottle to the scalp, then gently work it in the scalp.

See care instruction for caring for blonde hair

The bonds must be blow dried to 100%, do not leave the bonds wet, they will slide and come off 
When applying conditioner, apply away from the scalp and the bonded area. 
Apply macadamia or oil while the hair is damp, this will seal in the moisture
A light leave in conditioner can be sprayed onto the hair in dry weather

Re-sealing the bonds:

Every week or so, you can use the straightener and re-seal the bonds by tapping it for 2 seconds
Then the bonds is re-sealed

Curling and ironing

Curl, straighten with a good heat protection spray, heating at 160-180cm for blondes and dark colors can be heated at higher temperature.  High temperature will cause split and frizzy ends.
Apply a serum after heating and allow the hair to set in the curl shape to cool down

Tint, coloring/bleaching

For root tints or any coloring work on the natural hair, the extensions should be removed and color.
The extensions are going to come off shortly after applying color over them while they are on the head anyways, and the hair underneath the tapes won’t be dyed, which will become banding of colors.

Best is to fit the extensions 2 days after the color work, or clarify shampoo 3 times to remove any residue. Tape cannot stick to residue and will come loose if that’s the case.

Colouring the extensions

All colour work done elsewhere and box dye etc. are at your own risk, we take no responsibility for dry, damage, fizz, breakage, patchy, wrong tone which are the common problems with home/inexperienced dye jobs, which you should expect with box dye. So we don’t recommend to DIY unless you understand the risk, sometimes a whole pack of hair is ruined in one sitting with box dye.

We offer guaranteed colour work at our salon.

Any chemical processing will change the hair texture and will shorten the life span, just like your natural hair. Colouring should be within 2-3 shades of the natural colour, and a colour fill is needed to go from light to dark.


Tape ins would be typically rebounded every 3-6 weeks or so, some clients manage 3 weeks, some manages 6 weeks +

Oily hair tend to last shorter than dry hair types

The re-bonding process are as follows

Spray the tape with tape in remover in a ventilated area, allow 5-10 mins for the bond to come off, then if there are any residue, spray and shampoo

If there are more residue (this is cause by oil and conditioner disintegrated some of the adhesive)

You can mix the remover with conditioner and apply to the residue area. Leave it on for 20 mins then clarify shampoo

Wash the old tape at the top section, remove the residue old tape, and apply new tape.

The tape must be dry, completely clean before applying the new tape. Residue is going to cause them to come out faster.

Press the tapes if you have time, and tap them with a straightener on low temperature

Follow the fitting instruction

Trouble shooting

Tape slipping down faster than they should:

1-    Fitting errors. If the hair is fitted on oily, residue hair, this will happen

2-    Bonds not dried to 100% dry after washing. The bonds will slip when you then brush the hair and pull them down while its wet

3-    Too much hair in between the tapes, or too little hair. This will either cause bonding not sealing with each other, or the bonds has nothing to hold onto

4-    The hair is not clean and dry when its fitted

5-    Same day chemical treatment- Dye or treatment applied right before or while the tapes are on. You will find the tapes comes off in a few washes

6-    Brazilian straightening treatments: The tape cannot bond with the Brazilian treatment properly,  the tapes can only bond to normal cuticle hair

7-    Product Build-up: Excess product build-up breaks down the tape. No alcohol or oil based products should be used while wearing tape extensions, it will break tape adhesive down much faster. Be sure to use special hair extension hair care to ensure long lasting tape extensions. 

8-    Swimming and damp conditions. The extensions will most likely to come undone on holidays with lots water and pool involved. The bonds are not designed to be wet all the time in chemical waters. The hair will also become very dry, which can damage them.

9 product build up- Oils, hair spray and conditioners should b e kept away from the bonded areas, these will de-bond the tape.. Any alchol based products will also de-bond the tape.

Please email us should you have any questions