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I tip micro ring hair extensions

What it is

The pre bonded strand are usually done with keratin bonds or silicone bonds ( silicone bonds are very expensive!)

Glamorhair only fit  full cuticle hair for any permanent type of extensions.  There are several reasons for this.  Virgin hair is more expensive than the Brazilian range, but they are trouble free.

Dark colours can last a long time without tangling on virgin hair.  Since every client goes home with this hair attached for months at the time, only the best grade should be used to ensure trouble free wearing.

Normal grades or basic Brazilian range works fine as clip ins or occasional wear, but they can only last a few weeks while its attached permanently onto the hair. Then they start to dry out, tangle and becomes unmanageable.

Blonde hair/ light colored hair:
Just like your own hair, if you bleach your brown hair to blonde, they will be brittle. This is a common problem with all blonde shades of human hair. The hair is bleached many times to become blonde. They will need a lot of TLC and

Life span is shortened comparing to the dark/virgin colors. If you could afford it, great length offer better quality blonde hair at around R150 PER STRAND( about R15000 per fitting, every 3 months) .  We are still looking for factories who can do the Italian bleach without charging you R150 PER STRAND. So theres not much we can do about the platinum blondes lifespan and quirks.

I tip vs micro loop

I tip fitted with silicone rings takes longer to fit,but definitely hold better than micro loop hair extensions. Thats why we dont fit these in the salon.


In the consultation, we will look at the length, texture, thickness of your hair and give you a proper quote of the quantity of the hair needed, as well as the length you want. Usually, more length means more strands required.

Usually, a full head of micro ring extensions can be anywhere from 80-150 strands for Caucasian or Asian hair, and 150-300 strands for ethnic hair or shorter hair.

We also do custom match colors by blending or dye hair to match to the exact color and texture. This sort of custom job will take a few days to do.

For medium to thick hair, we rather recommend a weave which would cost less per gram of hair, and very fine hair/thin hair we would use tape in or m tip extensions so they can hide properly.

Very short hair
Micro ring hair should be fitted on shoulder length hair or longer for a perfect blend.  At glamorhair we regrettably cannot do very short hair, as we cannot guarantee the result that’s going to be prefect.

What to expect:
The micro ring extensions are not heavy on the scalp.  We only fit the extensions 1cm away from the scalp and away from all sensitive areas like hair lines.  Best is to achieve a natural look and not too thick as this can be uncomfortable to have too many strands fitted. On the first few days, you may feel tight on the scalp as the hair still have to get used to something attached to it.

Washing and drying
Micro ring hair can be washed 2-3 times a week, with recommended shampoo on your care instructions. Blonde hair will need extra TLC than dark colors
Use a de-tangling brush and brush the hair from the bottom to the top
With extensions on, there is no more wash and go, or get up and go etc. You would need to spend around 1-2 hours for washing, condition, dry, style and sometime in the morning to style the hair
Micro ring extensions must be dried at the bonds each time you wash them, to prevent sliding and slipping of the rings.  The hair will expand and shrink when wet to dry, which is when the rings slide down.

The hair should be removed and re-fitted every 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Normally clients also comes back for a check up every 3 weeks or so to re-touch up and loose strands that has came out.

The refitting must be done, otherwise dread locks can form with the re-growth and fallen hair stack with the extensions. We have removed 8 month old extensions before, and we ended up cutting a lot of the dreads off as they are so matted, they were not able to come out at all.

Sensitive scalp, hair loss and allergies:
We don’t recommend any permanently attached extensions done on these conditions.   If you are unsure, just have a few strands done as highlights to try them out.