12BP Light silver steel (toner tint) Colortone professional 100ml +100ml 20 vol developer

12BP Light silver steel (toner tint) Colortone professional 100ml +100ml 20 vol developer
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Colortone professional tint, Full grey coverage 100ml + 100ml 20vol developer. Developed for resistant hair types. 12bp is ideal for making shadow roots while toning unwanted yellow /orange undertones. Mixing ratio 1-1 for full deposit. a 5 vol can be used for toning.

  Delivery info

R89 courier to door:2-3 working days to major cities, 4-10 working days to regional cities

  Return policy

Return within 10 days in origonal packaging. Non returnable: full wigs, liquids, out of packaging.

Colortone professional

Formulated for resistant hair colors, fade resistant tint

To ensure correct color result, only tint on level 8-10 natural hair, or pre bleach any darker hair. 

Any orange yellow toned light brown will need either further lightening v or additional violet or blue toner added ( to go darker)

test strand is a must when doing color corrections

deposit, tone or lift with the full range

Develop time is 20-30mins for fine hair, 30-50mins for resistant hair 

Formulated in Italy


Data sheet

Hair dye type
Permanent oxidizing hair dye. Will lighten the natural hair
Grey coverage
Full grey coverage at maxinum develop time
Return policy
Professional tint: Cannot be returned or exchange. All professional products are quality guaranteed but result is depending on hair condition. We do not guarantee application results. Courier may damage the packaging during transit.

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