*99J Deep plum 55-60cm clip in hair extensions 10pc set- wavy, Synthetic

*99J Deep plum 55-60cm clip in hair extensions 10pc set- wavy, Synthetic
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High quality synthetic hair clip in hair extensions set, silky wavy texture, heat resistant, 55-60cm long. Clips are already attached and cut into 10 pieces of various sizes.

  Delivery info

R89 courier to door:2-3 working days to major cities, 4-10 working days to regional cities

  Return policy

Return within 10 days in origonal packaging. Non returnable: full wigs, liquids, out of packaging.

ProExtend synthetic hair

Clip in hair extensions, 10pc set XXL 

Low shine hair extensions

Clip in extensions are used for adding volume and length to exsisting hair.  Will blend with straight hair types, shoulder length or longer

1 pack for thin to regular hair, 2 packs for thick hair or shaggy bob cut and other shorter cuts.

Will not blend with boy cuts, short hair, blunt cut style, bald cut, pixie cut, afro style ECT.

To curl/straighten:

  • First carefully detangle the piece 
  • Spray cold water onto the hair before heating
  • Set straighter/curling iron at 160c
  • Select a small section to curl/straighten
  • Curl and allow the hair to cool down in the required shape to set the curls


Data sheet

10pc various sizes, 2 layers
Hair type
Proextend synthetic hair- Heat resistant max 160c
Hair texture
Body wave

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