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45cm 6T60 ombre rooted Tape in hair extensions 10pc European remy human hair


45cm 6T60 ombre rooted Tape in hair extensions 10pc European remy human hair ( 10pc makes 5 sandwiches)


Local store, local stock, local bank EFT or cash deposit


Delivery: R89 courier within SA to major cities ( see courier terms)


Return policy : Unused in original packaging within 10 days. EXCL liquid, wigs, see terms.

Glamorhair tape in extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair and extreme hold tape adhesive that is strong, safe and non-damaging when fitted and removed correctly

- Pre tapped ready to use tape in extensions, bonded with extreme hold ice bond.
-10 pieces makes 5 sandwiches, 20 grams per packet, 3-8 packets for full head application, all depending on the requirements.


This is a general guideline with recommended shampoo used on our care instruction and provided the hair hasn't been further chemical treatment. How well it's cared for will determent how long its going to last.

Light colors/blonde: 2-6 Months ( 1to 3 fitting)

Chemicals, wrong shampoo, heat will immediately shorten the lifespan.
Daily care is essential for fitted extensions
Blonde hair extensions are high maintenance, requires a lot of attention, products and brushing, especially in dry weather.

Fitting requirements:

Tape in extensions are ideal for silky straight hair types, thin to medium thickness
These extensions doesn't work well with curly, deep curl textures
Minimum length needed to blend with extensions is shoulder length. Shorter hair cannot blend well
Layer the hair first before fitting, this will blend a lot better than blunt cut hair
Always fit the same amount of hair as the natural hair in order to extend and blend
Oily scalp should be washed more often

Swimming is not recommended while the extensions are on. Especially all shades of blonde hair. The hair can be very dry after the chemical bath in the pool and salt water in the sea.

Tapes does not work well when its wet all the time. You can re-seal the tapes by using your straightener on the lowest heat setting, tap the bonds to remove the moisture inside the bonds and re-seal them together.

Tape in extensions can be reused depending how it was cared for. While most clients with dark hair refit the hair 2-4 times, blonde hair once or twice, For very few clients, blonde hair will only last 2-3 weeks due to poor maintenance. While no one will say they did not care for their extensions, we cannot explain why 99% of clients are able to get 3-8 months wear but some 2-3 weeks only.

Glamorhair sulphate free, salt free shampoo must be used each wash. Especially for blonde hair. Any other types of shampoo may dry out the extensions and we will not take responsibility for.

Although the extensions can be colored, we have seen numerous botch chemical jobs from various salons/home jobs.
At our salon we guarantee any color jobs done here, on the extensions. But we take no responsibility for any further chemical jobs done else where, what so ever.

Any chemical treatments, including PH changing toner /shampoo will shorten the lifespan of blonde hair. Only use tried and tested shampoo range, especially for blonde / colored hair.

Remember human hair extensions will/can behave like real hair. Such as:
- pick up a wave in wet weather
-Frizzy in dry weather
-Can be damaged when its over heated or permed
- Long hair needs a lot of TLC which apply to natural hair and extensions
- Can split end, especially blonde/processed colors 
- Tangling at the nap area

•Please follow all after care instructions

•Only dye darker at home and not lightening, lightening/ chemically toning blonde hair will dry the hair out.
We offer coloring and toning services on our hair range in our salon by qualified experts, with guarantee. However we do not replace, repair, refund botched jobs done elsewhere what so ever. 

Remove with mineral based tape in hair remover only. ( Vinegar, acetone etc cannot remove tapes and may damage your own skin)

Coloring roots

The tape adhesive cannot bond and seal properly onto hair dye and treatments.  It is not ideal to fit tape ins directly onto freshly colored hair. This can cause the hair to fall out in a few washes. So the roots must be properly clean before fitting.

DO not color client's natural hair while the tapes are in the hair, they will all fall out during the service. The section of hair under the tape ( with glue residue) will not color and will become spotty.

The new ice tape does not have slipping problems, only times it can happen is when the pieces are not stuck together.
Always dry the bonds 100% after washing.

Other thing to consider is that the correct amount of hair must be applied in between the tape, this is up to the stylist. Too much or too little hair will effect the bond.

De-tangle the hair with a wet brush, tangle teeszer or similar. Apply glamorhair leave in detangler then brush.
Do not pull or tug on the hair when its wet. 

Please read the care instructions attached to your parcel.

Additional documents