100cm little mermaid red wavy cosplay wig - Proextend


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100cm little mermaid red wavy cosplay wig - Proextend

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R 280.00

100cm little mermaid red wavy cosplay wig - Proextend

Heat resistant fibre

Proextend heat resistant fibre synthetic hair
Now you can style the synthetic hair with curling irons and other heat tools, ideal tempreture at 160-180c while the hair is wet

Stock level notice
Due to security concerns, we will no longer keep quantities listed in the store, Please email us to confirm stock before coming in, to avoid disappointments.

Return and exchange: Exchange/return online orders within 10 days

All that we ask is that items are in their original condition with tags, labels, prices, hygiene seals all intact.
We cannot take back hair thats out of packaging with hygiene ties off, only remove seals if you want to keep the hair.

Wrong shade? Dont like the color? Simply return them or exchange or refund. Pplease note the courier/postage cost is not refundable, as as you would buy in a mall, they wont pay for your fuel or taxi money.

We completely understand that choosing the right colour from a computer /cellphone screen cannot always be easy, to ensure the exact colour please send us a sample of your own hair, or email us some pics of your hair and we will try and match it.

Please note that photos shown are taken in our store, colors will not look the same from screen to screen.

Want to try on extensions? Come to our store to try extensions at R50/set, our stylist will put them on for you.
Trying on wigs: Buy a wig cap in store and try on 3 wigs, lace wigs excluded.

In-store purchases :Exchange unused, unopened, or tried on hair within 10 days from purchase, for another item or credit. 
We do not offer cash refunds in store.

These items cannot be returned or exchanged:

Any used, tried on, fitted, out of packaging hair extensions ( Hygiene band missing)
Full wigs cannot be returned or exchanged due to hygiene guarantee, please come view them in store.
Any hair dye, bleach and liquid lines. Please note that hair dye/toner are quality guaranteed but result is not guaranteed Results are depending on the color, texture, condition of the hair, as well as application technique and experience.
Custom made hair pieces and order on special requests
M tips cannot be returned or exchanged, they are order only items.
Courier or postage fee cannot be refunded, in the event of return and refund.

Buy from our salon: Come and browse at our salon and store: 87 edison street wendywood sandton ( security check point entrance at cnr darwin and dalton streets)
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We also offer cut, coloring, treatments, fittings on weaves, tape ins, I tips or micro wefts by qualified stylists.

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Large parcels and remote cities will be posted by Post office only.

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Courier does not deliver to: townships, rural development areas ( places without tar roads and/or no street name) farm, plots, mines, power station, border posts, national parks or game farms.

Hair extensions are hair pieces attached to your natural hair/head by various methods. The hair comes in synthetic and human hair types in different grades, and methods including wigs, clip ins, ponytail add ons, keratin bonds, micro ring bonds, methods of weaving, braiding, glue, latex attachments, tape attachments etc.
Expectation from well fitted hair extensions can be increasing volume and length, also covering hair loss is certain part of the head.

Please remember, end of the day, these are pieces of hair are attached to your natural hair, They can cause some discomfort for sensitive scalps and those who are not used to having hair pieces attached to the hair.

Clip-In Extensions/ponytails, fringes halo extensions ( non permanent extensions)

How it works: you clip in the hairpiece to add volume or length to your natural hair and remove whenever you like
How long it lasts: with proper care, human hair clip-in extensions can last up to a year, virgin hair even longer. Synthetic hair can be 3-6 months depending on care.

The perks:low cost, easy to install and take out, adds volume and length to flat, thin, or short hair, and human hair clip-ins can be colored and curled.
No damage is done to the natural hair.
Very comfortable to wear
The drawbacks: You have to put it on every day, but this is not a disadvantage considering the large amount of effort needed to maintain permanent extensions, putting it on takes minimal effort.

Clip ins cannot blend well with blunt cuts, short hair, under cuts, non relaxed hair types. They also cannot cover crown hair loss ( a crown piece is used for covering the top)

Best for: first-timers and those who don’t have time to care for fitted extensions.
Average cost: R250-R5000 from synthetic hair to the top quality, longest length and thick hair.

Tape in extensions ( Semi permanent fitting )

Tape in extensions are attached with a strip of sticky tape type glue which makes a sandwich. Tape ins are very flat and comfortable to wear. These are ideal for thin hair.

How it works: your natural hair is sandwiched between the 4cm wide extensions and sealed together with a flat iron
How long it lasts: about 4–6 weeks before it’ll need to be removed and/or reapplied
Hair lasting factors: Dark colored hair last 4-6 fittings and light colored hair 2-4 fittings.

The perks: easy and fast to apply, lies flat, and feels natural. Ideal for fine hair

The drawbacks: The hair are more expensive than other types.
They must be dried properly to prevent sliding and they don’t hold well on oily hair.

Best for: Thin, fine, or short hair (short hair is going to cost a lot but it can blend well)

Average cost: Thin hair R2500-5000 and thick hair R5000-R10000

Weave or Braided Sew-In Hair ( for both ethnic hair and European hair types)

How it works: the stylist weaves your natural hair into tiny braids against your scalp, and then sews the extensions into the braids with a needle and thread. A partial sew-in means only some of your natural hair is woven into braids; some is left out. A full sew-in means that all of your natural hair is braided.

How long it lasts: about 4-6 weeks, then the hair can be re-fitted depending on condition.

The perks: Fast fitting and no damage to your natural hair. The hair piece is cheaper and thicker. They can also be reused or converted to clip ins.
Ideal for those who have medium to long hair to add some volume and length, or a full head weaving. You can wash these as often as you like.

Best for: All textured hair (half head weave/European weave needs shoulder length hair to blend, short hair cannot blend )
Average cost: R600 ( for a short weave) to R4500 ( for multiple packs of long weaves)

Micro wefts or Braidless Sew-In

How it works: the stylist loops each strand of natural hair through micro ring onto a weave of hair.

How long it lasts: about 3–6 weeks before it needs to be tightened

The perks: lays flatter than a weave, looks natural, allows for more flexibility in movement, and can be done in an hour
Best for: those with medium to long hair who want to add volume or length
Average cost: R500-3000 depending on how long and how thick you want them to be.

Keratin, U-Tip, or Hot Fusion ( Semi permanent fitting )

How it works: the stylist applies the hair extensions strand by strand, and uses a heating tool to melt your natural hair and the extension together.

How long it lasts: The hair last up to 12 months, but should be removed in 8–10 weeks to prevent breakage, matting, or stress on your hair. (Some salons don’t re-use the hair)

The perks: very flexible and blends easily with your natural hair, super long lasting.

The drawbacks: the glue can damage natural hair if the extensions are not properly removed or cared for. Not ideal for hair loss customers and fine hair.
It takes a long time to fit them and even longer time to remove them.
Don’t change your mind after fitting as it will be hard to remove them right after fitting.
Best for: Strong hair, anyone with hair longer than 20cm
Average cost: R3500- R10000 (depending on the quantity and quality of the hair you are buying)

Micro ring extensions ( Semi permanent fitting )

How it works: a stylist applies the hair extensions strand by strand with a micro ring, clamping closed onto your natural hair. The key to blending is to fit the same amount of hair extensions as your natural hair. You cannot save stands and wanting to extend length.

How long it lasts: about 8 weeks before it needs to be tightened to prevent breakage. A maintenance should be done at 3-4 weeks to tighten up loose pieces.
This method is glue free, fast fitting and easy to remove. The hair can be re-used depending on condition.

The perks: easy to add highlighted extensions (without dying your real hair), very flexible, and doesn’t require heat, glue, or chemicals so it’s easier on natural hair. You can remove these if you decide to remove them any time.
The drawbacks: Be aware that micro ring hair can slip and fall.The hair naturally expand when wet and shrinks when dry, after each wash this happens. So if the bonds are not dried right away, the ring will expand and slight down. Double ring method could be used for extra hold.
Best for: Anyone with hair should shoulder length, must be the same texture as the hair you are fitting.
Average cost: R3000-R6000/ full head