Clip ins should be washed once every 5-10 wear. In dry weather in Johannesburg, a co wash should be done whenever the hair is feeling dry.

Shampoo wash

Fill the sink in luke warm water, add a dash of shampoo, about 20ml should be fine
We like to use macadamia professional shampoo, you can also use recommended shampoo on the care instruction sheet
Please do not use harsh, clarify shampoo on any Brazilian range, or any color treated hair extensions. These shampoo will make the hair very dry and frizzy.
*** A pre wash conditioner can also be used, such as treseme volume pre conditioner*** You would still need to use normal conditioner treatment afterwards. This will make the hair super soft

De-tangle the hair completely before going into the shampoo water. Remove any knots

Submerge the hair into the shampoo. For very oily scalps, you wold need to add a little shampoo to the weft area to remove any build up
Allow it to sit for about 10mins, then rinse in cool water.

Now towel dry by patting the hair, do not rub or twist harshly.

Apply a deep repair or moisturising treatment, leave it on for 20-30mins, or in a heated towel. Avoid the bonded/wefting/stiched areas. Oils and conditioner can loosen the bonds cause shredding
Rinse in cool water then pat dry
Apply a light weight leave in conditioner, for blonde colored hair extensions, apply a serum oil after leave in conditioner
Air dry or blow dry on low heat.
Once its dried, it can be curled or flat ironed with a heat protection spray.

Co wash

There are a few co wash shampoo brands available in dischem, so far we have tested parmlers olive oil co wash, loreal co wash and they work very well
How to use

De-tangle the hair

Wet the hair in warm water

Pat dry with towel

Apply aprox 5-10 pumps of the co wash to the hair, avoiding the wefted/bonded or clips area

Leave it on for 20-30mins, then rinse, apply leave in conditioner/oil and dry
Co-wash can be done as often as you need in between shampoo’s