How to succeed with box dye/DIY dye

Box hair dye is designed to take on the following conditions

Hair that has not been colored before, pure virgin hair from root to end

Designed color is darker than your current color, within 2-3 shades

Lightening virgin hair that’s within 2 shades only

Full grey coverage/root coverage

Box dye is not designed to do:

Lifting off previous dye colors, especially dark shades.

Resistant hair types will give dull and uneven results

Damaged hair will not take properly

Going blonde ( going brass!)

Covering uneven bleach jobs


Most box dye can darken the hair well

Important factor! Dark colors box dye will almost always come out darker than the box. The box color indication is applied on” grey hair”. So choose 2-3 shades lighter than the box sample.

Be sure to saturate the hair completely for even results

Remember the color will not lift well

Going to from blonde to dark- remember to fill the hair by adding golden shades

Developer could be diluted to minimize damage

Grey coverage:

Be sure to process 45mins + for proper grey coverage

For grey coverage, the color can often appear lighter than the color sample on the box


Only apply to virgin/None color processed hair

Use foils to make the color develop more evenly

Do test strands

Always choose ash shades. Box color will almost always come out more golden than the box sample

Use enough product for even results

Apply to the end sections first then the roots. This will ensure the color become more even