Blonde hair extensions care information

Going blonde is not easy on natural hair. Now days even brunette, with many box tint wants to a silver white, with a few boxes of bleach or box dye. This is clearly not viable. Almost all of our tint jobs now are color corrections.

For South African hair types, we tend to see mostly resistant hair types, from darkest brown to mousy brown’s, most hair we color have a reddish, orange and strong yellow under tone.  These undertones are particularly hard to lift, multiples of bleaching, toning can cause breakages and dryness to the hair.

Now after all that bleaching, the length and texture is gone.  Adding blonde hair extensions to the hair will do the trick, but please remember, the extensions has also gone through all of these chemical processes to become blonde. 
They also need extra TLC to stay soft, shiny in the dry weather.

While caring for your natural, dyed hair, remember to take care of the chemically processed extensions as well.


Only wash with recommended shampoo ranges, which we have tried and tested. Some clients even managed to wear the blonde hair for 8 months with correct shampoo.

Just because a brand of shampoo cost you 3 digits and brought from a salon, does not mean that it is suitable for extensions. especially blonde/pre bleached hair extensions.
Salon shampoo often designed for hair that’s only lifted 4 shades, not 9 shades lighter. 

Some clients complaints that the platinum blonde hair becomes dry after a month, this is all done by the wrong shampoo.  Ask the shampoo seller if they are going to fix it for you. So rather just use whats recommended.

A co-wash should be used every second wash, just to moisturise the hair.
For oily scalps, use dry shampoo and baby wipes to wipe off the oily crowns.

Conditioning: A deep conditioning treatment is required each time you wash, especially in JHB dry weather. After washing, a serum oil is applied on damp hair, then spray on conditioner each morning.

Every 2-3 weeks, olaplex or chromaplex treatment can be used to revive the hair if required.

Cheap blonde hair vs expensive blonde hair

Nowadays you can buy a pack of hair from R40 which claims to be human hair, To our remy/virgin range abut R2000-3000, to R15000 greatlength hair, to R250000 wig, made from proper European hair.

As a supplier for the pass 10 years, we have seen all grades.

Those of you who paid R15,000 for your last set of hair extensions by greatlength, you should not expect the same lifespan by buying R1400 hair from us. The bleaching process are not the same, like a race car is not build the same way as your VW. The dark colors can last similar timeframes as they are both virgin/non chemically processed. Blondes are drastically different.
You should buy a few strands and test them first, and see how does it compare. We do this sort of test all the time, and majority of the hair on the market does not outperform our hair, especially on dark colors.

Toning and coloring:

If you are planning to tone the extensions, first use a silver shampoo and mask to tone off some of the yellow shades, without using any chemicals, By simply swish the hair in the sink with a dash of silver shampoo in it.

If you have to use chemicals, never, ever use bleach or box dye directly on blonde extensions. Any color of blonde extensions. Bleach will burn the hair right off, and box dye, especially the permanent dyes comes with a 30 vol peroxide. This will also fry the hair. Even if it comes out perfect now, 2-3 washes later, the hair will become extremely dry. 4-5 washes later, you are going to see breakages.

Glamorhair does not take ANY  responsibility for ANY chemical jobs done elsewhere, home or salon. We offer guaranteed color work at our salon only, on our extensions and clients.

Chemical dye:

We would highly recommend you to email us before doing chemical jobs, all complaints comes from box dye /inexperienced chemical processing that’s gone wrong, most of the time by damaging the hair so bad it breaks right after coloring. Just because a chemical gone wrong, those who love to claim the hair is not real hair. Guess what, plastic hair ( just like your plastic gloves) don’t get damaged from hair dye! Real hair get damaged from hair dye!

Use a semi or demi permanent dye with a 5 vol to darken the hair, or tone the hair. Olaplex or bondiplex/chormaplex is a must to preserve the condition of your blonde extensions.  If you skip the treatment, the hair will not last. Remember you are working with porous hair that’s been bleached many times already. Do that to your own hair and it will break from the root.

Darkening the blonde

If you want to darken more than 2 levels, use a technique call “filling”. This is a technique by colouring the hair with red before going brown, to ensure a proper grip of the color.
Dont buy blonde hair to darken it as a first choice. Blonde hair is already chemically processed,dye it darker is just going to make it more damaged.
Dark colored hair is totally, not damaged at all, maybe a few gray hair and long length got a few split ends, which is natural. Rather buy dark hair if you want it dark and want it to last.


Never ever perm platinum blonde hair! No hair is going to survive this. Only perm virgin hair, even then, the perm is going frizz, like it would normally. Expect it to happen!  So we don’t recommend it.  Rather buy naturally wavy hair then curl it with a tong.

We don’t supply curly blonde hair, as you can imagine, permed, blonde hair, this is going to become terrible on the first wash. You wouldn’t want to do that to your natural straight hair, to bleach it platinum then perm it.

Heating, curling etc:

It is a good idea to straighten or curl the hair extensions, this will make the hair blend better. A good heat protection treatment should be used, and set your curling wand/straightener at 160-180c, dont over do it. Remember this tutorial, she burned her own hair off! This is the time when the client says, my hair is fake! its burnt! Natural hair can also burn, especially blonde/bleached hair. Treat it with care.


For blondes, we don’t recommend swimming in chlorine or sea water. Chlorine and sea water are both alkaline, which will make the hair dry.

If you have to go into the water, here are the steps to do so

Apply a thick coat of conditioner to dry hair extensions, separate layers and lay it on. Don’t save your conditioners. Use an oily type of conditioner mask

Then braid the hair and tie it into a bun.
Remember micro ring, tape ins does not like to be wet all the time, this can cause them to fall out.

Once you are done swimming, undo the bun, rinse in cool water, shampoo and conditioner again, then follow the usual care with the products.

Dark colored hair don’t get effected as much, but the bonds would still swell.

Blonde extensions are high maintenance, at least when the extensions are done, they can be removed, when your own blondes are damaged, you can only cut it off.