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20 vol highlift powder bleach kit


High lift powder bleach kit, 20vol. lefts up to 6 levels on virgin hair. Develop time is 45-60mins

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Return policy: Unused in original packaging within 10 days. These cant be returned: Liquids, Dye, bleach, custom orders, full wigs. See return/exchange page


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 High lift powder bleach kit, 20vol. lefts up to 6 levels on virgin hair

Strong bleach 
Can be used on our virgin Indian remy range ( lifting 3 levels on indian/asian hair types) and 5- 6 levels with heat and chromaplex is essential.


Mix and apply Immediately. Bleach start to work the second it mixes, the reaction happens during the first 20mins. After 40mins, the mixture will no longer work.

Mixing ratio is 1 part bleach for 2 parts developer
Resistant hair or virgin dark hair can be 1 part bleach for 1,5 part developer

Apply to non washed hair, dry or damp. Saturate properly from the darkest section first.
Be aware that bleach can damage your hair, check color every 5-10 mins
Do not apply to permed hair, which will cause further damage and uneven coloring.

Hair thats dyed jet black may not lift. 

Do not bleach henna type dye ( metallic type dye)  This will cause a chemical reaction and damage your hair and scalp.
Always do a skin test patch before any coloring process.
Always do a strand test to see how its going to go

Do not apply on eyebrow or lashes. Rinse immediately if any skin condition occurs

Processing time is 30-40mins. Resistant hair can develop up to 60mins
Heat can be applied with caution

For damaged hair , lightening more than 3 levels or heat processing: order some chromaplex or olaplex and add to your mixture. This is highly recommended


1x 100ml 20vol Developer

1x powder bleach pack 50g

1x Pair gloves
1x instruction

Important tips!

Brazilian treatment will be removed to some degree with bleach or any other cuticle altering chemicals

After bleach coloring applications:
if you are planning to apply any color or stain after bleaching. make sure to shampoo the bleach off completely, by using clarifying shampoo at-least 2 washes
Otherwise you may find the residue bleach "burning" or interfering with the next color, especially semi permanent tints

Bleaching hair extensions
Only pure virgin hair can be bleached, always do a test strand before processing entire hair piece
Trouble shooting:
#1 jet black hair will never bleach. pitch black hair extensions are dyed to resist fading, unlike box dye, this will not bleach well.
Natural black hair extensions will not become platinum blonde, without severe damage. We do not recommend it.

*** Glamorhair does not guarantee any home job results. If you are looking for guaranteed result, have your color done at a professional and experienced stylist***

Data sheet

Return policy
Liquid products- Cannot be returned or exchanged
Grey coverage
Does not cover grey
Hair dye type
Lightening bleach. Oxidizing color removal from natural hair.

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