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100ml Colortone T209 toner for light...

Silvering toner conditioner. T209  is used directly after bleaching or to target spots of yellow, orange shades. Non oxidizing and damage...
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500ml liquid developer

500ml liquid developer - lotion texture, to be mixed with bleach or dye. 
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Colortone 40 vol developer, 1 liter

Colortone developer, 40 vol, 1 liter - to be mixed with any oxidizing tint activator.  40 vol will lift around 4 levels  Professional use...
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Nouvelle Pastiss semi permanent color...

Nouvelle Pastiss semi permanent color pastel 60ml dye + 60ml  no lift developer  ( please note this dye will not work on hair darker than a...
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500ml Colortone T 209 toner for light...

Semi Permanent, non oxidizing silvering toner conditioner  t209  is used directly after bleaching or target spots of yellow, orange shades....
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By fama professional onyx ( Excellent...

Medium grey color high lift color professional permanent dye  Lifts 2-3 level, neutralizing yellow and orange undertone. High lift toner.
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