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Rat tail comb

The good old rat tail comb. Not heat resistant Assorted colors *does not contain actual rat
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Scunci herringbone braider

Create the perfect fishtail braid in a flash! A very ontrend look that you can use various ways, create a side braid, half up style or even...
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XL wide tooth comb

Wide tooth comb ideal for working with deep curl and wavy hair. 
In Stock

Airy curl styler brush

Gorgeous curls have never been so easy. With the Airy Curl Styler, you simply twist wet hair through the long plastic fingers, blow dry, and...
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Teasing brush

A Teasing Brush is excellent for backcombing, teasing, flugging, feathering and finishing hair styles. Allows you to add height and volume...
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Bendy roller - Small

10 pieces in a pack, 10 pc small size for thight or defined curl
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Bendy roller - Large

10 pieces in a pack, large size Ideal for weaves, extensions and damaged hair  Curl without heat
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